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If you have any queries please get in touch with one of our window tinting specialists.

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If you have any queries or would like to talk to one of our window tinting specialist please call us on 0800 058 4525 or if you would like to make an appointment online please book below.
    • Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for damage to heat lines, when removing film installed by a third party, as we don’t know what film has been installed or how said film was installed.
    • Please note when booking in front windows & front windscreens there are legal limits in regards to how dark they can be & we will not fit illegal film to these windows. To view the legal limits please visit here.
    • Please note that the quote provided does not include removal of existing film & where any existing film needs to be removed a further charge of £5 per window will be added no matter what the size of the window.
    • If you wish to cancel the appointment, 2 full business days are required for a full deposit refund. Please also note all refunds are subject to a ‘minus £5 card processing fee’ as agreed in the quote terms and conditions. If you do wish to cancel or change an appointment, as long as we have 2 business days notice you can email

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