What is chameleon tint?

Chameleon Tint is infused with an extraordinary ability to change colour when viewed from different angles and under various lighting conditions. The chameleon effect is achieved through a special layering of materials that refract light, creating a mesmerizing spectrum of colours that dance across your vehicle’s windows. This high-tech film doesn’t just alter the aesthetic of your vehicle; it enhances performance with unparalleled benefits.

The Chameleon Tint offers you a discrete space away from prying eyes while allowing you to bask in its colorful aura

Is Chameleon tint for me?

Chameleon tint is best for those who demand the best in both performance and visual flair. With its unique ability to shift through a spectrum of colours, your vehicle will turn heads at every corner, not just for its stunning appearance but also for its sophisticated technological edge.

Protection is paramount, and our Chameleon Tint provides an exceptional shield against the sun’s harmful UV rays, ensuring your interior is safeguarded against fading and you are protected from skin damage. The film’s heat rejection capabilities keep your car cooler on sunny days, providing you with a comfortable cabin environment while reducing the burden on your air conditioning system, thus enhancing fuel efficiency.


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